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Digital currency has no doubt taken over the reins of world financial activities. The transfer of funds across international borders however, has been tasking as bank charges and seaming network protocols make the endeavor tiring, frustrating and often unsuccessful. Online banking has assumed the newest and most versatile medium of financial transactions, and as such, making it easier. Nevertheless, there exists some impediments that make it less desirable overtime. The question of what the solution is, constitutes the main resolve and reason for the launching of the Weigrate digital currency project. Weigrate is a financial eco-system that operates in digital coins, such as the cryptocurrency, helping traders and merchants alike to experience a seamless flow of funds in and out of their various niches on the platform. With the astounding innovative and visionary step of the CEO, founder and sole proprietor with his team of developers the Weigrate community launches a peculiar kind of cryptocurrency called the WRT and WRTw, which are invented to target the sectors of trade and entertainment. With a mission of serving as platform on which the standard online digital currency is available for safer and more secure transactions, the Weigrate project provides for all customers to have an opportunity to obtain decentralization, transparency, privacy, cost-efficiency, easy use and network participation incentives.

Having observed that most cryptocurrency platforms have been brought down because service providers refuse to accept the currency in payments, with reasons of exposure, insecurity, price volatility and management lack, the Weigrate teams deems it necessary and beneficial to come up with more stable cryptocurrency as a solution, enabling all users to access the merits of the blockchain technology, and escaping the losses caused by unprecedented and devaluing price fluctuations in the global marketplace. Weigrate provides a very safe built-in decentralized P2P Payment Gateway medium for easy transfers via definite entry point.

As part of the initiatives that is part and parcel of the Weigrate project, the team provides a penny auction program, which is made up of three distinct cryptocurrencies; X11 algorithm cryptocurrency, waves based token and coming ethereum based token. Together, although having different purposes, they will serve as a hand-in-hand basis that will aide in the future development, to unite, connect and up performances in the business system. The three cryptocurrencies will be integrated in wallet systems and cards that will help people from all over the world cater and have in control, their financial deeds as well as needs.

The penny auction system allows users to buy BIDS with the crypto token or crypto currency. One coin will at the point of purchase be equivalent to 0.01 USD, and in a two month time frame after the initial coin offering, the value of the coins will then rise to 1USD. And as the coins multiply into dollars, users will be able to use them to buy bids and win more valuable items on the platform or on any other. This platform additionally provides the avenue for users to save lots of money for future purposes and lots of time for sellers. The penny auction is unlike anything ever invented, as the use of it will go a long way to better the financial ramification of traders, merchants, business owners and investors.

Most of all, the Weigrate team of developers, with much enthusiasm and an unchallengeable resolve, holds it obligatory to help keep the businesses of its users alive, functional and profiting, providing shareholding opportunities in the most promising ventures of the Weigrate economic ecosystem.


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