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The Weigrate project has no doubt taken a massive as well as impacting turnaround. With series of initiatives for the financial economic system and its improvement, the project strives to by all means make international financial communications less cumbersome. And with the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, the foundation seeks to improve the financial buoyance of the users by creating for them what is called bids. Bids have been known for quite some time, but not in the regard of Weigrate, and certainly not with the degree of promising financial profits that users stand to gain upon not just involvement, but participation inclusive.

Having had a keen observation on how people spend a lot of money gambling and betting in casinos, and how there are far more chances to go home loosing and devalued than winning, the Weigrate auction system comes up with a remarkable initiative to covert the idea into a non-loss option. This means that when the users bid on any item put up for sale on the platform, and when of course the bid of just one user reaches the reserve and wins the items, the other users who apparently did not win will get all their bids back and even more. Exemplarily, if a user spends up to 45 bids, up to 25 bids can be successfully returned (in accordance to a 25 bid package), while the 20 left bids will remain in the refund balance until it is enough to be part of the return package. In order to get the return package, the user may choose to buy a 25 new bid pack from which he/she will get a 10% bonus. In total, the user will have bagged 30 bids that will be readily available to him in order to stand another chance in the next auction.

With this system, auctions create fresh opportunities to win put up items and claim them with a cheap final payment price. After securing items, users can then put them up for resale and get more profits from bids that will come from other users within and without the Weigrate platform. This, thus, creates a sea of chances for users to get bids, buy and sell items to make profit in the digital currencies whose equivalents are in wads of United States Dollars. Smart users who get coins from the ICO campaign will stand more chances and reap riper fruits, as they are getting those coins for as low as 0.001USD, and can now buy bids at the rate of 1 coin for 1USD and 1USD for 1 bid. This means there will be huge savings and more opportunities for such smart users to win items and resell them for even more profit.

The Weigrate cryptocurrency does not have a definite price. This means that the value of coins and token may vary from time to time, and may be even be equivalent to more than 1USD. The implication of this is that it brings more and more profit for the users of the coins and tokens all in and out. This opens the doors of great economic opportunities for users to win high-end and invaluable devices and items like smartphones, electronics, cars, real estate, travel vouchers, etc. The better news is that for every single trade each user makes, there will be an opportunity to save up to 98% on the final payment price. This translates into something in the semblance of a mission statement, that the Weigrate economic and financial platform, with the auction bids, coin value, gains, chances and resale, makes life 98% better.


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